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Dark Tales★Bk I: The Invisible Chains★Chapter 45: Dancing Dragons

Title: Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse - Book I: The Invisible Chains
Author: eurypon
Format: Novel - Original characters
Length: Chapter: 9 108 words - Total: 365 393 words (July 3th, 2010)
Status: WIP
Rating: NC-17 - M - M/M Slash
Warnings: Violence, incest, rape, non-con, domination may all occur in varying degrees

Chapter 45: Dancing Dragons

Guess who (there's more than one) gets arrested?

Anaxantis receives news from one of his sentry posts. Lorcko and Timishi have breakfast but are interrupted. Anaxantis convenes a Council of War. During a showdown with commander Demrac Tarngord he gets unexpected help. Ryhunzo prepares breakfast. Two arrests are made. Lee-Lack Scarminckle investigates the horse thieves. Shigurtish, commander in chief of the Mukthars, prepares to open hostilities. Anaxantis marches the army out of Lorseth. Randamor is irritated at Mandigaill the Hunter.

Link: Ximerion
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